top of page is now your secret weapon for all your depositions. replaces expensive traditional stenographic real time such as LiveNote with AI speech to text that is both legally formatted and comparable in accuracy.

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Take control of your depositions.

Legally Formatted live transcript with Q&A and Colloquy

Real Time Speaker delineation

Bookmark/teammate tagging testimony in real time

Search testimony

Unlimited Hook-Ups 

Live deposition

Legally formatted rough transcript 

Recorded testimony synchronized to transcript

Admissible recording in most jurisdictions

Bookmark/teammate tagging

Search testimony

Post deposition

Low page rates

No set up fee

No charge per hook up

No upcharge for Steno

Fee category
Stenographer Real Time

Pricing comparison

Legacy Court Reporting Model: B2B


Law Firm

High Cost is the first direct to attorney court reporting technology for real time transcripts, skipping the court reporting agency middle man and empowering attorneys to take control of their depositions on their terms, at a fraction of the cost.

Capture Every Deposition

on Your Terms


Report Agency



Low Cost
= B2C

Law Firm also offers the added benefit of same day, searchable rough transcript with audio synced to the text.

95% of cases don’t go to trial - why pay for a final transcript if you don’t have to?

90% accurate live transcript

50% less than stenographic real time

33 out of 50 states specifically allow non-noticing attorneys to bring recording technology with prior notice

Remaining 17 states allow non-noticing attorneys to bring their own means of recording with stipulation uses our powerful legal specific speech to text engine that deliver a real time transcript with Q&A and colloquy, comparable in quality with a human stenographer.
Real time

Legally Formatted Real Time Transcript

Unlimited Hookups per depo

No Resellers/Direct to atty


Post Event Viewer

Audio Synced with Text

Records Audio/Video

Exportable Recordings for eDiscovery


Traditional stenographic

real time vs.

What people are saying

"I used’s live transcript to stay laser focused during my line of questioning, making keynotes along the way. The very next day, I used testimony from the transcript and audio in a settlement conference to force the other side’s hand, and get a favorable settlement for my client."

Stacy B. joining a deposition for real time transcription and recording: specifically allowed in 33 out of 50 states.

In addition, opposing counsels can legally record deposition testimony in most states as an official record. syncs to your calendar and assists with notice language to inform the other parties of your intention to record a legal proceeding.

Check the map to see how
can be used in your state

Security made for legal

TLS End-to-End encryption

Data private to each account

Data encrypted at rest

We only access data at your request

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  • As an opposing counsel to a deposition, can I have my bot join the deposition?
    Yes, as long as you follow the rules specific to your state requiring either a notice or stipulation.
  • Can be used if I’m the noticing attorney?
    Yes, as long as you properly notice the deposition and include the recording method.
  • Is the rough transcript generated by a certified transcript?
    No, the rough transcript is used as a reference guide to search and find recorded testimony of the proceeding.
  • Is the recording produced by an admissible recording?
    In certain states yes, please consult your state's code of procedure for what kinds of recordings are admissible.
  • Do I need to notice the other parties to the case prior to the deposition of my intention to use
    As a noticing attorney, you will need to provide the recording method in the deposition notice, and some states may require a stipulation for a non-stenographic recording. As an opposing counsel, Alaska and Virginia do not require either a notice or stipulation. All other jurisdictions require either prior notice or a stipulation. You can consult the map on this page for each state's rules.
  • What happens if the court reporting agency the noticing attorney hired doesn’t let my bot into the meeting?
    If you have followed the noticing requirements as stated in the code of civil procedure for your state, you have the right to bring your bot into the deposition. See rules of civil procedure in your state using the map higher up on this page.

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